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Get The Best Of Egypt Tours

Egypt is an exciting and exotic country with a rich heritage and wonderful culture. You should visit the pyramids, Giza pyramids, Nile Valley and Giza pyramids. Also, you should see all the towns, villages, and cities that have made a mark in history. If you cherished this article and you simply would like to acquire more info about Egypt tour packages nicely visit the web site. It is also possible to enjoy the stunning scenery of Egypt, which is truly an eye-opener. You’ll be amazed at the number of things you can see and the many experiences that Egypt has to offer. Book your Egypt tour package now and discover why Egypt is called the Land of the Pharaohs.

An Egypt tour is indeed a trip to the past. There are hundreds of years worth of stunning architecture and thousands upon years of human history to discover, explore, and witness. Plan your Egypt trip today and choose from many Egypt tours. Classic Egypt Tours: Discover Egypt’s real history and its most iconic landmarks. Enjoy an adventure in Egypt by following a unique track.

Classic Egypt Tours on Nile: Begin by visiting the magnificent Pyramids of Egypt. The magnificent three mile high pyramids in Egypt are world famous and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. You can visit the Valley of the Kings to see King Tutankhamen’s Tomb during your Egypt tour along the Nile. Also, don’t miss the spectacular Luxor temple that once served as the kingdom’s capital.

As part of your egypt tours on the Nile, you should also pay a visit to the Valley of the Kings. This is the original location of the Cairo Citadel, which was built by the Egyptian pharaohs. Travelers who like to spend time in history will enjoy touring the pyramids in Egypt with their great scenery and vast amount of history. An original Egypt travel itinerary will include trips to Luxor and Giza as well as Cairo and the surrounding area. You should also add the Old Testament to your Egypt tours. Here you can read the stories of Moses and the tablets written by Egyptian pharaohs.

Classic Egypt Trips: Enjoy Egypt on one of many Egypt tours, which include both historical and modern travel options. These include visits to Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, and Cairo. You will almost always find that the Cairo tour includes a stop in Jerusalem, where the Western Wall is located and many historic churches and cathedrals are located. Luxor’s trip will give you the opportunity to visit the Valley of the Kings as well as the ancient treasures which once stood at the border of Egypt and Israel.

Many popular places are included in many Egypt tour packages. Aswan, Egypt’s largest and most populous city, would be the first stop on the tour. In Aswan you can visit the famous Pyramids of Giza, which are some of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. You can continue your tour to Cairo’s ancient capital, also known as the city center. Your small-group guide should be able plan your day and explain the reasons for certain items.

Another popular place to visit is Simbel and the surrounding areas. Simbel was once the capital of pharaohs. It is today a vibrant city that is well-known for its fine dining and shopping. On your Simbel trip you can enjoy daylong excursions, shopping, and even horseback riding around the desert. A gliderided cart tour is also available that allows you to see the local sights and sand dunes. The best part about a Simbel trip is that there is always room for a meal or a desert snack.

The Nile River, and its surroundings, are another area of high interest. Egypt tours include visits to Luxor and Alexandria, as well as click to investigate the delta region which is home of tourist attractions and archaeological sites. Another fascinating stop on an Egypt tour is the Red Sea. The Nile, one of the oldest rivers on the planet, is home to fascinating canals, hotels and tombs as well as temples. One of the most popular activities on a Nile river cruise is swimming, which can be done by the hundreds at the many beaches along the route of the Nile. Enjoying the sun and getting to know locals is the best part about an Egypt tour.

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