Chimpanzees And Gorillas Are Endangered WITH THE Illegal Bushmeat Trade 1

Chimpanzees And Gorillas Are Endangered WITH THE Illegal Bushmeat Trade

Going to give this post of yours a tweet. It needs to be shared! Such an important subject matter – it needs all the awareness building campaigns it can get. I am hoping so also Suzanne. Killing primates for meat is a hairs-breadth (if that) from cannibalism. It really is a practice that MUST stop! Devastation is a good word because of this. Logging in rainfall forests is never good because the soil is poor and does not sustain a great many other long lived vegetation and then we lose more life providing oxygen for our world.

Killing off primates for meat is also unsustainable as you have shown with your figures. Those are alarming figures! Hopefully people will become educated to these facts. You did your part in writing this informative hub. Voted up, useful and can pin and talk about. Thank you for your kind words! I am hoping you will visit Jane Goodall’s site and look into things you can do to help. I believe she’s developed the very best plan for coping with this devastation.

10 years ago from Midwest, U.S.A. The figures are alarming. The logging is dreadful. The killings center breaking. Thanks for your insightful piece. Yes, big companies have us in a throttle keep. It is so easy to convince people that they must buy, consume and possess things. Fortunately, a few are leaving this. Christoph Reilly has a good HUB on Freeganism that I like. It is hard to maintain with the offenders. They have spent the last 8 years pillaging our country just. Now they are off turning the Chinese into mega consumers, and I hear of the seeds of the problems we have now experience being sown in their soil every day.

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But, Jane Goodall gets the right idea. Just keep working at educating people and making them aware. It’s the only way to make true progress. This is an comprehensive job incredibly! I’d ask all to think about what is the real real cause of this others and situation enjoy it.

I will offer you my estimation for what it’s well worth. It all begins when someone chooses there’s a dollar to be produced through the exploitation of somebody else’s resources. In other words capitalism, the fact of which may be distilled down to three words, Buy or Die. Until we choose another paradigm where to bottom our “civilization” and I take advantage of the term loosely, what we’ll get is exactly what we’ve got. It isn’t necessary to choose between dealing with the main of the problem and working with the constellation of issues that surround it. Indeed, to take action is foolhardy.

If you have a leak in a water tube in your wall, the tube is changed by you AND you replace the water broken wood, and fix the wall such that it is once again aesthetically pleasing. If you just fix the pipe, you are inviting dry rot and compromising the structural integrity of your house. Unless you restore the wall structure to it’s previous elegance, you are cheating yourself and reducing the value of your home. It is the same thing here. Yes, people need to make wise life choices to bring our population under control, AND we need to take care of the problems which have been created by overpopulation.

It would be ideal if the logging companies experienced never gone in to the Congo. Then your rainforests would be pristine, the animals undisturbed, and the indigenous people would have their culture intact. But that is not the case. Instead, a huge problem has been created that will eventually affect us all.