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Last year in the Jan/Feb ’11 problem of The Essential Herbal, Betsy May composed articles about some simple remedies that can help through the season of colds and flu. Of a At this time, you can have too many selections never. Hopefully among those offered, you will see choices that you can make and/or have on hand. The main thing is to get the thing you need before you get too suffering to go out and have them. You also want what you need common before you feel that scratch at the back of your throat or that muscular ache in your hands and shoulder blades.

This formula can be adopted very loosely and you could feel absolve to adjust the quantity of ingredients depends upon on what you have on hand. As you will notice, while I did so attempt to track record my recipe when I developed it, I didn’t consider out the precise amount of herbal selections I used; I used the un-scientific method of measuring by quantity instead.

This bath works like a charm for dry, itchy epidermis. Infuse 2 quarts of water with about ¼ – 1/2 glass of Yarrow (leaves & blossoms), ¼ cup of Comfrey leaves, 1 Tea St John’s Wort and a few dried Calendula flora. Also add ¼ glass of powdered milk and ½ cup of oatmeal. Infuse for 15 minutes. Strain and put herbal selections into a stocking or muslin tote. Draw a warm bath and add the infusion, bag of herbs, and essential oils (I used 6 drops of Lavender gas and 6 drops of Patchouli).

Use following the winter bath menu for lusciously hydrated body. People I have with all this cream to have also known on its potential to assist in the restoration of small cuts and scratches. Heat oils & beeswax, and cool to almost room temperature (oils will look thick and creamy like yogurt). Put the oils and beeswax in a blender and add the Yarrow infused drinking water little by little, Aloe Vera gel, and essential natural oils. It might take a few attempts to get this cream to the right regularity however the key is to have the heat range of the oils and this particular at as near to the same temperatures as it can be.

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Note: You might have a special blender simply for making herbal arrangements because the blender may take on the smell of the natural herbs or essential oils you are employing. If you are using your good kitchen blender, then do not add natural essential oils until you put the cream into a container. Feel free to modify the amount or type of essential oils to your preference. I chose these particular essential oils for their usefulness for achy muscles and congested sinuses. Blend all store and ingredients in an airtight box. Use approximately ½- 1 cup per bath.

This recipe actually comes from Rosemary Gladstar. I modified the amount of ingredients by adding more apple cider vinegar. The excess vinegar appeared to provide greater relief for my scratchy, sore throat. Mix all compounds and use to gargle every half hour. Turn heat off and add 2 tsp Sage and let sit 20-30 minutes.

Put into a squirt bottle and spray throat every 20-30 minutes or as often as needed. The essential oils were suggested by Jeanne Rose and improve this formula hugely definitely, however, if you don’t have them on hand feel free to make the aerosol without them. Slice one ginger main into thin whitening strips and cover with honey. Let remain for several weeks or to accelerate the process, heat lightly over low warmth for 20-30 minutes.

Use in teas or take by the spoonful for colds and sore throats. That is an old-fashioned technique that my grandmother would use on me while I was a tiny child and received pneumonia (much to the chagrin of my very traditional pediatrician). It can be used to break up torso congestion and alleviate the pain of coughing. I must stress though, to utilize with extreme care and keep a detailed eye with this treatment to avoid annoyed epidermis or possible burns.

Mix flour and mustard along (for really small children use less mustard). Add enough hot water to produce a paste. Spread mixture on a piece of flannel, leaving enough room around the ends so the paste does not drip out. Cover with the other bit of material. My grandmother actually used a cheap grocery traveling bag and put the concoction for the reason that, I’m assuming since it made for easier clean up later. Place the flannel “packet” on the upper body and leave on for about 20 minutes or until the skin area becomes red.

The plaster can be refrigerated and re-used several times, re-heating in the microwave. Additional comfort good care…By the right time is an issue reaches you, we shall be well into the middle of the flu season. Already we’re hearing reports of record numbers of cases of the flu. This year Chances are you or someone you love will be a strike.