An Overview Of Fellowes Rotary Paper Trimmers 1

An Overview Of Fellowes Rotary Paper Trimmers

Having your own paper trimmer readily available is a very important part of your office’s ability to produce its documents, reports, and presentations in-house. Getting your own paper trimmer on hand is an essential part of your office’s capability to produce its documents, reports, and presentations in-house.

Fellowes makes four of the best paper trimmers on the market, and in this article we will explore these machines and their various features. Neutron: Fellowes’ smallest-capacity trimmer is the Neutron. This trimmer is meant for personal mainly, in-home use, and it features their trademark Safecut stainless steel rotary blade.

The Neutron and the Neutron Plus can break up to 10-bed linens of 20lb paper at onetime and has a quick change cutting tool system that allow one to change blades quickly, and safely easily. These trimmers are ideal for home use such as scrapbooking and creating photo projects. The Neutron Plus provides the consumer the added creative flexibility of three additional knife styles: wavy, perforating, and rating/fold.

The Neutron Plus also includes a metallic trimming bed which increases toughness. Proton: For your office at home or smaller business, Fellowes supplies the Proton type of trimmers. Like the Neutron, the Proton trimmer cuts up to 10 sheets at a right time and gets the same safety-minded cutter changing system. The Proton machines also have variable paper clamps that make sure that your cuts will be exact and cutting guides that allow for different paper sizes, photos, and even angled cuts. The Proton is available with the 18-in. Or 12-inch cutting length.

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Both models feature convenient having factors for easy and safe portability. Electron: The next phase up, and the perfect trimmer for a small office setting, are the Fellowes Electron trimmer. Just like the two models mentioned above, the Electron has the capacity to cut ten sheets at once and also uses the Fellowes SafeCut basic safety blades and quick-change blade system. The Electron, however, features the Fellowes trademark SafeCut LED guide, gives an individual a right to guide collection without the utilization of lasers. The Electron comes with four different edge styles: straight, wavy, perforating and scoring, also includes a durable metal trimming base with an integrated storage area for blades that are not in use.

The Electron is also made for easy portability and features clamps for trimming precision. Atom: When you have a big office and are regularly involved with high-volume projects, the Atom group of rotary paper trimmers is probably the strategy to use. The Atom can break up to thirty sheets at one time and comes with an extremely durable metal base with non-skid feet for added safety and accuracy. This cutter offers various cutting guides that permit the user to use many different paper sizes.

It even has markings for use in creating angled cuts. The Atom also offers an automatically-engaging paper clamp that retains the paper set up during cutting thus ensuring a nice straight trim. This machine has a heavy-duty knife that will cut through cardstock, foam table, and plastic material sheeting. No matter what size business you are producing your own reviews, presentations, and proposals is a superb way to consider the next phase forwards. Fellowes makes a great type of rotary paper trimmers that are excellent for use for personal applications and office environments. Browse the Fellowes Neutron, Proton, Today Electron, and Atom trimmers. You will not be disappointed.

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