Woi. Baru Masuk Terus Monyok? 1

Woi. Baru Masuk Terus Monyok?

Last month (yes, in April), I visited Japan with Nadrah & my mother. My mother-yang nak sangat permit actually. She wished to see the sakura in full bloom. Therefore I had to demand her and nadrah needed to come with. And here I shall summarize our trip! Bye Malaysia, Hello Osaka!

We first arrived in Osaka during the night, day fundamentally nothing la so 1st. The next day, we visited USJ (Universal Studios Japan) and imagine. It was 2 April, Tuesday, so when we proceeded to go around 11am-ish, IT WAS ALREADY PACKED! It was kinda cold. Nadrah too was already cranky. Wow. The baru mask terms mono?

To lembutkan hate and (dan sebab kita dah beli tiket USJ ni bukan much yo. Kena do whenever you can to get this to worthwhile! Minions place thingy. I am not into Despicable Me, a minions in apalagi, tapi I endured it for her. Lined up for 2 HOURS to go on a ride, which lasts for approximately 10mins or less? I inside was crying.I told my friend this: I thought Japanese are workaholics, Tuesday but on a on holiday, morning from, most of the visitors there have been locals!

I was among the 5% of foreigner there and 1 among the 10 people in hijab. That’s how USJ prosper. As well as the fun part about this is that I get to see the locals dress up so passionately in whatever personas, like minions, Hogwarts students, sesame street heroes, and so many more! It could happen man.

I don’t know much about cars, like, i cannot tell the difference between saga fl and regular saga. But I could tell a Ford Anglia from afar. Even though it’s beaten up like this and tucked away. VALKOMMEN TO HOGSMEADE MUGGLES! Which means you know how I sacrificed myself for nadrah’s joy right. Unfortunately, the love was one-sided. It was getting colder by the right time we got to Hogsmeade, and nadrah just refused to wear her jacket and was cranky.

We surely got to go into the shops though! I had one at UK’s Warner Bros Harry Potter studios, and I didn’t enjoy it then. Too bad we couldn’t enjoy our time here that long. Tak dapat tengok the light show or whatever show malam tu.But I’m happy anyways coz I reach buy the things I’d like and see what I want to see. We didn’t go to any trips apart from the minions one coz seriously, RAMAI SANGAT MANUSIA! Despite having an express solution, people still have to hold back an hour for a trip. Sempat jump Hello Kitty. We also went to the sesame street part. There was like a nadrah and playground acquired fun there.

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Basically, nadrah got the most out of USJ. So I’m taking her syltherin headband. The very next day, we went to Tempozan Village. Nadrah was running around and I held telling her not to because the ground mace best afar, like sandpaper-ish to. And then she tripped. And her pants got ripped and her knees were bleeding.

Got on the ferry, visited the shopping mall, bought new pants and plasters and antiseptic. My brother went before and he said rasa tak best seat kesian tengok the fishes & whale all just swim around in a tank.That said, mother & I pun tak rasa nak pergi. Anyway, Tempozan shopping mall, macam tu je la. We saw Glico Man!