During The Past Decade 1

During The Past Decade

Cloud is the main one of the prominent buzzwords in today’s fast-moving world. Using cloud computing, companies want to optimize the info Technology (IT) resources they use and make tries moving from cost centers. During the past decade, the IT world has seen leaps and bounds of changes and improvements.

Manufacturing is no exception. Similar to Cloud in IT, Smart production may be the future for tomorrow’s successful manufacturing companies. This is exactly what Paul got as the base theme for this month’s discussion. While ‘traditional’ stuff is changing a lot, how is the product quality function growing appropriately? This is the topic for our discussion. Quality is an inevitable component for just about any product or service. Quality function has evolved along to support the changes in technology, processes, and other business functions. Traditionally, Quality Control lost its prominence to Quality Assurance. In today’s world, Quality Assurance has been taken over by Customer Delight. Quality professionals of the modern world make an effort to deliver the “Delight” and the “WoW” factor.

The Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod etc) and the Samsung (Note, Note, SII, SIII etc) of the world is providing delight through their best of the course innovative products. Their Quality function is responsible for studying the relevant customer preferences, generate necessary differentiators, and deliver the right products and services which hence, subsequently, delight customers.

So, over the years, Quality has changed. That does not mean that we can undermine the need for traditional quality function. Quality basics need to be repeatable and strong for any successful company. Those which neglect to understand the basics of quality fail miserably in business. The Nokia and Motorola of the modern world are behind their competition – Samsung and Apple in sales of mobile devices. Microsoft also appears to be struggling to meet the consistent growth shipped by Apple and the Google. Quality function will widen to accept the innovation further, smart, pleasure, and the wow-factor requirements of tomorrow’s world.

In another business, a senior mind of a significant operating division was at chances with corporate head office and all the personnel people who were at the organization level. This very personal conflict placed all the people who reported to him in an extremely awkward position. Did they actively participate on various task forces that were assembled with representatives from each one of the operating divisions? Did they cooperate with initiatives that came from corporate headquarters?

Did they take any effort to interact with their counterparts in other divisions? The answer was frequently no, and that triggered a massive drain on the effectiveness of the overall company. Such interpersonal conflicts seem reminiscent of teenagers in senior high school and their public dynamics. You could have fun at how childish these squabbles were if they didn’t have such a destructive effect on organizational accomplishment and efficiency. For many people, there are an exhilaration and energy that originate from being part of a team, even for individuals who appear independent and often are solo performers highly.

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One of the very most dramatic moments of the 2008 Olympics was when the U.S. ‘s swim team originated from behind to earn the 4X100-meter team medley last. So what methods can you start that will foster this team spirit and collaboration in those who report to you? One of the assumptions guiding some organizations is the belief that if you want to get the best visitors to work their hardest, the surest way is to create two or more competing groups. Give them the same challenge.

Yes, some feathers will be ruffled, and even some fur will fly maybe, but it shall produce the best result in the shortest time. After all, life is all about losers and winners, and that’s the purchase price you purchase obtaining a great result. Don’t. Collaboration almost wins over competition always.

As far back as 1954, Peter Blau of Columbia University studied two sets of interviewers within an employment company. One group’s associates were highly competitive, were concerned about their own productivity primarily, and were ambitious highly. The second group was the contrary just. Its members were naturally collaborative and worked as a team. The next group’s success in filling jobs was far better than that of the first. Virtually every study that has been conducted on the impact of competition versus collaboration shows that competition loses. Success in today’s global world needs the sharing of information and resources. Competition erodes and finally destroys that.