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I just finished another ship of the line for my growing French fleet, this time around a GHQ Sane-Border course 80 guns dispatch Indomptable. Her sister ships were Bucentaure, Neptune, and Formidable. She would likewise have been like the Tonnant, which fought on the British side at Trafalgar. In 1794, under the control of Admiral Villaret-Joyeuse, Indomptable put to sea on May 16 with 24 other ships of the line, several frigates and corvettes.

Their objective was to meet and escort a merchant fleet via America carrying much needed grain and other necessities essential to the French, overall economy. On the way they captured a Dutch Lisbon convoy. British Rear-Admiral Montague pursued Villaret with a little fleet. Meanwhile Admiral Howe’s bigger British fleet was race to join Montague for support and confronted Villaret first on, may 28. Indomptable had not been straight included.

There was another action at 8 a.m. 1:30 p.m. that Indomptable came under the fireplace from Vice-Admiral Hood’s Royal George (100) and Rear-Admiral Gardner’s flagship Queen (98). In this engagement Indomptable and Tyrannicide experienced considerable harm. Indomptable took part in the ill-fated expedition to Ireland in 1796. On July 6, 1801 Indomptable, Formidable (80), Desaix (74), and Muiron (40) experienced sailed through the Straits of Gibraltar and anchored off Algeciras.

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At that position these were attacked by Rear-Admiral Sir James Saumarez’s squadron of five ships: Caesar (80), and 74’s Audacious, Hannibal, Spencer, and Pompee. Through the action Indomptable ran aground wanting to warp further in shore. For two hours the firing was heavy on both edges both Captains Moncousu of Indomptable and Lalonde of Formidable were wiped out.

The attack was unsuccessful, as the French boats were well supported by shoreline batteries. Trafalgar: On October 21, 1805 Indomptable place at the center, seventeenth from the vehicle of Villeneuve’s combined Spanish and French fleet. Ahead on her behalf larboard bow place Santa Ana (112), on her starboard bow San Justo (74) and astern on her behalf larboard quarter Fogueux (74). Indomptable began firing her larboard broadside just before noon at Collingwood’s getting close to Leeward Division. As Collingwood’s Royal Sovereign (100) crossed the stern of Santa Ana and ranged through to Santa Ana’s starboard side, Indomptable raked Royal Sovereign and continuing to fire into her starboard one-fourth from a distance of 500 yards.

After Belleisle (74) had crossed and raked the Santa Ana in turn she then ported her helm and turned across Indomptable stern to rake her. Fougueux poured and intervened several broadsides into Belleisle. Suffering few casualties, Captain Hubert thought we would carry Indomptable away from the battle and made for Cadiz at close to 1 p.m.

On October 23 Indomptable had taken part in Commodore Cosmao-Kerjulien’s recovery attempt of the damaged British awards from the fight. In the company were Neptune, Pluto, Rayo, and San Francisco de Asis, along with frigates Cornelie, Hemione, Hortense, Rhin, Themis, and the brigs Argus and Furet. After clearing the harbor the wind rose to gale force. As the French approached, ten British ships cast off their tow lines and shaped line of fight. Kerjulien’s ships were outnumbered and broken, however the frigates were able to retake Santa Neptuno and Ana.