Passive Activity / Non-Passive Activity 1

Passive Activity / Non-Passive Activity

Nonpassive activities are businesses where the taxpayer works on a regular, continuous, and significant basis. Also, salaries, guaranteed payments, 1099-payment incomes, and stock portfolio or investment income are deemed to be nonpassive. Portfolio income includes interest income, dividends, royalties, losses, and gains on stocks, pensions, lottery winnings, and every other property held for investment.

I want interest (, and other resources of passive income) working FOR me, not AGAINST me. While reading an extremely interesting book lately about the conquest of the Northwestern Territory (it’s Ohio, not Oregon for those of you who aren’t background buffs) I realized that the founding fathers of the US were all unabashed capitalists.

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Washington, Hamilton etc all kept the name to huge tracts of land West of the Appalachians that they had been speculating in for decades. Forming the US Army (a standing-up army was a huge offer to people who at the time equated a standing up military with tyranny) and conquering the Iroquois was, in at least some respects, about profiting on their investments. While WCI readers probably don’t have any plans to conquer other countries, the true point of all this financial stuff we discuss on this blog is to show yourself into a capitalist as fast as possible.

While capitalism has its issues, it’s still the best financial system we’ve found yet. Capitalism means passive income. It means making your cash work as hard as you are doing, or even better, did. Another great facet of passive income is that it is completely scalable often. 1000. Just how much additional work achieved it take for me personally to sell those extra 90 books? Zero. And nothing at all keeping me from selling 1 there’s, 000 or 10 even, 000 copies of the publication.

A website is the same manner. No limit on the eyeballs that can notice (so long as I keep updating the hosting plan!) Shares of stock will be the same way. Owning 100,000 shares is no more work than owning 10 stocks. If you’re a genuine estate buyer, once you get your “system” in place (agent, insurance guy, attorney, accountant, property manager, repairman etc) it might not take you a lot more work at all to own ten properties than to possess one.

50 a head. Is it any more work to speak to 500 of 50 instead? Not necessarily. Leveraging your money is great, but leveraging your time through scalability is even better. In fact, as I laid during intercourse one morning coming up with this post, I possibly could really only think of one facet of passive income that is worse than earned income. A or carrying it out 750 hours. That’s it. All of those other right time, passive beats energetic. What do you consider? What resources of passive income do you have? Those are you trying to develop? Do you consider it’s reasonable that capital gets better taxes treatment than labor? Why or why not?

There’s ways to stay away from the punitive “excess distribution” taxes by making a timely MTM or QEF election. However, conformity costs and the chance of wrong reporting will likely wipe out any gains from these investments. What should non-compliant taxpayers do? We assist taxpayers who have undisclosed foreign financial assets. Schedule a scheduled appointment to observe how we can help.