Intermittent Fasting And High Intensity Fitness Boost HGH 1

Intermittent Fasting And High Intensity Fitness Boost HGH

The human body was designed very effectively for times of scarcity and stress. Food scarcity was a common actuality and the body has developed specific pathways to be very effective in times of fasting. In times of stress, for success purposes we adapted a combat or flight mode that pushes us to work our anatomies at an extremely high-intensity for a relatively short period of time.

The combination of intermittent fasting and high strength exercise promotes hormones that improve cells healing and metabolic processes. Our long-ago ancestors had to struggle daily for adequate food sources. They most grazed on wild berries often, herbs, throughout the day fresh nut products and seed products as they foraged through the woods.

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  • Lose surplus fat, not water, or muscles

At night, they would relax with the latest eliminate eating a higher protein most-often, high fat meal. This type of diet was influenced by the success of their hunting endeavors. Fasting was a regular way of life for our ancestors. That is evident with the positive adaptations the physical body goes through during the fasting intervals. Fasting allows our body to get into a catabolic (tissue breakdown) period without promoting inflammatory conditions.

This enables the physical resources to remove older, broken cells and replace them with more powerful cellular components. High intensity exercise was a necessity of life for our ancestors as they chased down and wiped out animals for food. Many civilizations regularly battled with other ethnicities. The fight or flight lifestyle was quite evident and it was almost always at 90-100% of maximal intensity.

Anything less than this could frequently lead to loss of life or starvation. In this manner of life led to a trim and strong body extremely. Most men had body fat under 10% while women typically ranged between 10-20%. These were also in a position to produce amazing muscular pushes to overcome obstructions with their battle-trained systems. To have top quality of life in the 21st century, we must understand and work in tranquility with our systems’ primitive former.

Intermittent fasting and high-intensity, short durational exercise are genetic requirements that help our anatomies thrive, adjust and develop with better success characteristics. This consists of a solid fit muscular system, a titanium immune system and a competent digestive system. Intermittent fasting for intervals which range from 12-24 hours along with high intensity exercise has an optimistic effect on boosting human growth hormone (HGH).