14 Common Misconceptions About Business Administration 1

14 Common Misconceptions About Business Administration

When people hear the term “business administration,” they could have negative preconceptions. Most-if not all-of these ideas simply aren’t true. Here are some common misconceptions people have about pursuing a qualification in business administration. 1. Business administration is boring. There’s nothing uninteresting about business administration! While it’s true that students who major in this field will learn about owning a business successfully, the learning process is intriguing and full of new information. That is why it’s one of the very most popular selections for both associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs. 2. Business Administration is a vague field of research.

Some students may think they ought to focus on a far more particular degree but those who do are restricting their options once they graduate really. While accounting, human resources, and marketing are all good career paths, why limit the options to just one single? 3. Business Administration grads are limited by entry-level positions like office clerks or receptionists. This couldn’t be further from the reality. A level in Business Administration often helps graduates skip these low paying, entry-level positions. 4. The careers wanted to Business Administration graduates usually don’t pay well.

Actually, this is not true either. Regardless of how hard the economy, the field of business administration is always in demand. Literally every company or organization in existence requires some sort of business management to perform properly. 6. Business Administration is only a good major for students who wish to work for a company. While students are certainly prepped to work for a huge corporation after graduation, Business Administration classes also prep students for other work, such as non-profit and small businesses. Some students open their own companies after graduation even. 7. Business Administration is the same as Business Management. Nearly. Even though many Business Administration grads opt to pursue careers in general management, that’s not the only option.

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Students can also go after careers in other fields, like human being fund or resources. 8. Business Administration is focused on money. While students are taught how to control the funds and accounting of a business, they’re taught a great many other important things, too. Owning a business is approximately a lot more than simply the books and receipts.

9. Successful Business Administrators is outgoing. Business Administrators comes from many differing backgrounds, so of course their personalities vary. Many business students are actually quite introverted, choosing to focus on the technical aspects of running a business. Because this field opens so many choices, there’s truly something for everybody. 10. Business Administration students have to have a career plan. While it’s fine to know exactly where you’ll go after college, this field is in fact ideal for students who don’t possess specific profession ambitions. Once classes begin, students will find out more about each field and can filter down their career choices after they graduate. 11. This route leads to a typical 9-to-5 kind of job.

Many companies still work this routine, but others are branching out. Business Administration graduates may end up working with many different types of schedules. Flexible hours, short workdays, and even telecommuting are options in the current business world. 12. Business Administration career options are limited. Actually, the contrary is true. This major opens up so many opportunities that students shall have trouble choosing just one. From accounting to human resources to management to marketing, Business Administration graduates have the world at their feet.