The Idiom Connection 1

The Idiom Connection

After the open fire the business was forced to market most of their merchandise (although they lost money). The price tag on oil (reached its least expensive point) in July and started to rise immediately after. The computer company experienced much trouble looking to get their new business to (make a successful start).

The price of computer potato chips (collapsed) after personal computer sales began to diminish. The automobile dealer had no trucks (open to sell) so we’d to wait for just two a few months to buy one. The large drug company (took control of) the small drugstore chain. There’s a chance to make much money during the summer time so we will (take benefit of the opportunity) and work hard. Our programs for marketing the new computer remain (in preparation). The lender (terminated) the loans to the bankrupt company. The structure company (hired) hundreds of new employees last month. Our company needed to increase money to broaden so we made a decision to (sell its shares on the currency markets).

The metal company finally proceeded to go bankrupt after being (burdened with loss) for many years. We are (ready to buy) a new car but we have not found anything that we like. The salesman tried to sell the house by (being very intense) which made us unpleasant. We tried to obtain a (rough estimate) for the expense of new computer printers. We made a decision to sell the business to be able to (stop losing profits).

In China, the first person to register a brand possesses the privileges to it, regardless of whether or not see your face is the first person to use the trademark. You can here find the trademark application. 8. Find a bank. This right part should be quick and easy, since there are plenty of banks with a huge existence in China. Try HSBC, which is based in Hong Kong, or Bank of America, which you are able to find all over the national country.

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9. Hire a staff. Hiring in China is a delicate process, particularly when it comes to employing managers. Don’t assume that wish person’s English is impeccable they will be able to run the business properly. In Hoffman’s case, he monitored down a Chinese public relations professional and asked that she come out to the business’s headquarters in Silicon Valley to learn the ropes for many months.

She then returned to China with all the current company’s values and practices in mind and started the business. There are other options, of course. Try reaching out to human resources headhunting and consultants firms in China, and don’t disregard American-born Chinese or Chinese people who have been schooled in the us, either. Good talent doesn’t come cheap, according to the experts, so if you would like the best, you have to be ready to pay them what they’re worth. You have trusted managers set up Once, they must be able to help you in hiring all of those other staff.