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81 Photos & 225 Reviews

Bow down to the Duchess! Planet Fitness has come a long way! I have been a member for about two years or so. Big parking lot. Numerous cardio machines. Usually I never wait more than a couple of minutes for the stair master. They added new tools like kettlebells, medication balls, resistance bands, ropes, straps & rowing machines.

I just like the stretching station. Plus all the standard tools. The gym is at all times clean and for probably the most half weights are organized. I have no problem getting in an ideal workout! The staff is awesome, the membership is clear and it’s affordable what more do you need. This is the happiest I have been with a gym ever!

I’m very impressed with this gym. I’ve belonged to 24 hour fitness, LA fitness, Bally’s and even had an govt membership to equinox. 10/month this is the very best deal in town. The gym is never crowded, weights are at all times put away and wiping down their machines. The gym workers could be very courteous and there is a ton of cardio and weight training tools for internval coaching session. There may be plenty of parking and it isn’t crowded. My solely complaint is the locker room may have a bit of extra maintenance. Can’t beat the value for a spot to work out. Just good luck on getting in your machine.

I really feel like it is fairly perfect. It’s clear, the staff is completely good. Maybe a little busy generally but that is everywhere. So cheap, and virtually all the time open. It isn’t a meet market, no crazy bros running around. The price is totally nice! It’s by no means really too packed I can always get a workout in. Wish the entrance desk people can be a little bit extra welcoming, the only worker that appears to appear like he enjoys his job is the white older gentleman. Teach some gym etiquette!!!! ..so I don’t should be there for ninety minutes for a 20 min workout. Can’t hit any of my targets after 12 months.

All the benches and machines are simply individuals on their telephones. Doing reps and units means standing up getting out the way in which throughout each relaxation so other people can use the machine. Wow. Stay fats, buddy. I’ll work out at residence. I switched to another gym months ago and am SO glad I did. It made me notice how much I actually hate this gym, which implies I appreciate my new gym that rather more. Why is that this gym so unhealthy? It is the people who workout there, and in flip the gym’s branding and philosophy that enables the problems it’s purchasers cause to flourish.

For example, just try and use the circuit room for Actual circuit coaching, which the indicators explain right exterior the room. Go ahead. I’ll wait. You really won’t be capable to. Regardless that the signs (why yes there are a couple of) say you could have to maneuver with the lights and not linger on the machines, guess what people do?

Sit on one machine for an entire workout while others are trying to use the room correctly. Serious about asking them to allow you to do a set as a result of you are following the lights? Don’t bother. They will not transfer. I’ll prevent the waste of breath. Thinking of really getting in a workout in an inexpensive period of time?

  • Inferiority complex
  • Integrate muscle exercise
  • Harsh banishing of a troublesome person
  • Push-ups – Knee Push-ups – Pull-ups – Partial, Assisted, or Jumping Pull-ups or BodyRows
  • Number of customers: up to 20
  • 2 Mile Walk plus 5 min. AB session
  • Ice cream, complete milk, heavy cream, bitter cream, creamy salad dressings
  • Synergy 360 programs

Sorry, you will not. The remainder of the gym is full of people who do 12 sets on their machine. And to prime it off they sit on their telephone for five minutes between every set. Oh and no they won’t let you’re employed in. You’ll have to sit and watch them text when you wait.

The whole and utter lack of gym etiquette and consideration of different human beings at this gym is astonishing. This is allowed to happen as a result of the gym’s philosophy attracts these varieties of individuals. It’s “no judgement zone” whereas in idea is a cool concept, attracts people in droves that do not know gym etiquette as a result of they’ve by no means been to at least one. While everyone has to study in some unspecified time in the future, this gym does nothing to show its clients good etiquette.

In the end you might have a gym full of inconsiderate individuals who might care much less about leaving anybody else a decent setting to work out it. I used to be usually annoyed or downright offended when working out there. Trying to work on the market. I’m so glad I’m at one other gym now. It’s such a greater environment.