How You Can Rename Domain Name In Windows Server 2019 Safely With Screen Shots 1

How You Can Rename Domain Name In Windows Server 2019 Safely With Screen Shots

In this article, we are exhibiting you learn how to rename Domain Name in home windows server 2016 with screenshots, This we’ve got carried out for our lab Environment. So earlier than doing in your production server take a backup for the necessary file. We want don’t use this till until you want it. Refer our current article about “Step-By-Step Installation of Windows Server 2016 with Screen pictures” and “How to install Active Directory on a Windows server 2016 Step by step with screenshots”. So we will start doing this step by step, so right here we are going to begin by login to the Domain Server where we wish to vary the DC title.

Make a note what title you need to rename and configure for DC. Login to the server and confirm first computer title and DC which we now have at the moment and we’ll change a Name with easy step. Below is the screenshot for the present server DC titles and computer title in our lab surroundings. Note: we’re performing this for Server 2016 Technical Preview, The same steps will probably be for released version.

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Once it should launch we will replace the identical with new Screenshots and new experience. Open server Manager, by clicking from Taskbar or it can begin automatic of once the system will begin. Here we’ll select DNS from the Tools option in Server Manager Dashboard. Click on DNS and select your server from DNS Manager and proper click on server DNS then select new Zone. Note: we should create new DNS Zone with new title which we would like rename from Existing DC server.

That is to be sure that after the complete process efficiently, your member server @ Windows purchasers can be a part of to new Domain title. Select Primary Zone and click on subsequent. On the subsequent web page, Select under choice do next. On this wizard, it’s going to ask for brand-spanking new Zone Name, so here present the identify which we need to rename from the DC server identify and click next.

On new page, choose beneath option and as this advocate for Ad and click on on subsequent. Once all executed it should come for abstract page, confirm all and click on finish. So here we’ve got created new DNS Zone effectively, now we are going to proceed for the subsequent step to rename the DC name.

To do that we are going to start from Command immediate. So we navigate to login account using below command, once we are going to navigate to the web page. We are going to run Random /List command. This command used to generate a state file named Domainlist.xml. This file incorporates the present forest configuration. Once entering it will generate one .xml file on navigated page.

Here will edit this web page, and enter new DC and BIOS title from exiting and we’ll save this. Here the exiting Domain and DNS title also BIOS Name. All performed we are going to save and exit from opened Notepad. And we will again to command immediate, right here we will enter Rendom /ShowForeset. That is to show the potential modifications; this step doesn’t make any changes. Above command will not change anything, to be proceeded we’ll run below command to add modifications Domainlist.xml file. Enter Rendom /Upload, That is to upload the rename-file (Domainlist.xml) to the configuration listing partition on the area controller holding the domain naming operations grasp role.