Would Reminders In SOCIAL NETWORKING Help? 1

Would Reminders In SOCIAL NETWORKING Help?

If your brand isn’t easily available to mobile users, you’re headed in the incorrect direction. Having a reactive website is the first step you need to take in order to adhere to both Google’s initiative and consumer demand. Well, that might be to construct an app for your WordPress site. In the next guide, we will highlight 7 reasons why your WordPress site needs an application – and 3 reasons why you probably won’t create one anyway!

But prepare yourself: you may walk away from this post with your brain transformed… as, well as tips on how to generate an app from your WordPress site, from start to finish. You have a WordPress website that’s performing well. You’re making money, gathering leads, and building your brand’s existence on the web. You’ve even attended great measures to give it a responsive design that your website visitors will love using. But mobile-first doesn’t just visit browser-based web experiences.

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As you’ll find in the 7 reasons below, a mobile app is essential to your business if you want your brand, readership, and income to broaden. Let’s start by dealing with the most apparent question here: why doesn’t a mobile website suffice in dealing with mobile user demand? If mobile users already have the means to connect to your WordPress site through their devices, why should they even embrace the mobile app?

According to data from eMarketer, mobile users will spend 2 hours and 35 minutes, on average, inside of applications every day in 2018. Conversely, they will only spend 26 minutes on the mobile web. As you can see from the chart above, the mobile application usage continues to increase as mobile web usage declines with each passing year. If you want to reach more of the mobile user base, building an app from your WordPress site is a smart move. Obviously, not every WordPress site will make sense in app form. As the eMarketer report demonstrates, each year the number of applications smartphone users to use on their devices decreases.

That’s definitely not a negative representation on mobile apps, it’s more an indication that mobile users are becoming savvier with the way they use their mobile data, storage, and power. This means if you’re heading to build a mobile app, and you want it to be utilized and downloaded, it must fulfill a need for your audience. To start out, pay attention to what Cathy Boyle, primary analyst for eMarketer, lists as the main explanations why U.S. Is your blog full of rich content like audio and video?

Does your website have a cultural networking component? Will your news or blog regularly publish content that users would want a far more convenient reading experience for? Does your eCommerce site needs a mobile-friendly element of complement the in-store experience? Would your SaaS customers benefit from a primary messaging platform for support and questions? Does this sound like something your audience would get from your mobile application experience? If so, then turning your website into a mobile application is a superb idea.