Wowpretty Professional Makeup And Hair 1

Wowpretty Professional Makeup And Hair

The wedding was amazing! You as well as your team did such a wonderful job with me and the marriage party! I must say that when you said my makeup was going to stay the whole night, it really did. By the end of the night my makeup was still on like I had it at 1030 am. Many thanks again for everything!

If there is anything you need from me, just let me know. I would suggest WowPretty for professional wedding make-up and hair needs. Jira and her team did a wonderful job on me and my marriage ceremony. My make-up & locks stayed overall evening- from 10 am to 12 midnight and my photographer was impressed and commented that he hasn’t seen make-up stayed that long throughout the day! I put a great deal of questions from the guests on who do my makeup and have given Jira’s name to clients. Thank you to Jira and her team you guys are AWESOME! Day Many thanks for make me look Beautiful on my Special!

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I would use an Almay powder foundation on the facial skin when I went out clubbing but on regular days I went without foundation and just put on eye makeup. The powder had a cooling effect when applied, which just made it feel wet really. For eyeshadow, I had three products: an Elizabeth Arden red door palette, a Chi Chi brights palette, and a Napoleon Perdis yellow eyeshadow single. I’d put 2-3 colors on my lid, nothing on the crease, and then any old mascara I possibly could get for cheap.