Why Older Adults Become Fraud Victims More Often 1

Why Older Adults Become Fraud Victims More Often

Older people, more than younger adults, may fail to interpret an untrustworthy face as possibly dishonest, the scholarly study shows. The reason for this, the UCLA life scientists found, seems to be a brain region called the anterior insula, which is associated with disgust and is important for discerning untrustworthy faces, is less active in older adults. Shelley E. Taylor, a recognized professor of psychology at UCLA and mature writer of the new research, which shows up Dec. 3 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Taylor, a founder of the field of health psychology who was simply honored in 2010 2010 with the American Psychological Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The prototypical victim of financial fraud, Taylor said, is a 55-year-old male who is a skilled trader. Castle, a UCLA psychology graduate pupil who analyzed the data for the brain-mapping study, said the scientists found a “robust” anterior insula response in younger adults and a “minimal” response in the old adults.

My father was strolled to the bank by someone he knew as ‘such a nice man.’ The man was a homeless man. I’d inform older adults to hang through to solicitors just. Don’t talk to salesmen pushing investments-just say no. Usually do not go to the free-lunch workshops where there are investment pitches.

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