Marketing Your Own Perfume 1

Marketing Your Own Perfume

Now museum outlets are nothing new. All types of artwork museums and cultural enterprises feature a “museum store” that helps them elevate cash to help the museum. But in the world of perfume marketing the priorities have been reversed. In quite a few fascinating circumstances the “museum” exists to assist the store! For instance, in France, one perfume home has two “museums” in Paris, one in Grasse and a fourth in Eze, simply outdoors Grasse.

The deal is straightforward. You visit the museum and the museum tour leads you to the museum shop where you should purchase that which you’ve got simply realized something about. Fragonard has been the master of this technique but now Gamilard and Molinard are getting into the sport. The Perfume Museum in Havana, Cuba is another example of this concept.

Of course these are moderately nicely financed operations so you would not be setting up a museum and store mixture on their scale, maybe. But look what you can do with the concept. It begins with a vacationer attraction. This can be a very small tourist attraction should you happen to be in a part of the world where vacationers come however there is not a lot for them to do. Plenty of tourist locations are like this.

Next you want a location — some “retail” or “museum” area. Think in phrases of individuals promoting antiques out of their house, storage, or barn or a cheap storefront. Whatever it’s, it needs to be cheap and it should have room for a pleasant sales space. Now for a concept.

Every museum wants an idea. The idea ought to, after all, entice visitors into shopping for a bottle or two of your perfume. But your idea additionally has to have sufficient “instructional” content in order that your museum will make it into local vacationer guides. Next it’s a must to arrange your museum. What do you need? A couple of bottles. Some fashionable gear. A demonstration of how you work. It’s as much as your imagination but the more interesting you can make it for others, the more doubtless you’re to get FREE publicity on native websites and in local tourist guides. All this must be accomplished in a nice setting. No pressure gross sales. Friendliness toward all guests whether they purchase or not. Constant new additions to your “museum.” A continually developing website.

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