Beauty Pageants Versus REAL LIFE? 1

Beauty Pageants Versus REAL LIFE?

Beauty Pageants Versus The Real World? The season was 1996 in Bangalore The India. For the very first time in its 46-year history, the Miss World pageant traveled to the subcontinent within an event spearheaded by Bollywood businessman and celebrity Amitabh Bachchan. The event’s staging in India didn’t sit well for a few of the populace.

These people protested the function by staging pageants, mocking the event, and giving protestors titles such as Miss Hunger, Miss Poverty, etc. Some burnt themselves as a way of protesting even, OUCH! However, the question begs to be responded to, are pageants relevant to today’s society still? Depends on who you ask; you’ll get different replies. For some feminists, they see pageants as exploitation or commodification of women.

Some see pageants as only a case of western decadence, hoping to sell products like swimsuits or makeup. If you ask the girls themselves, it is seen by them as a platform to a better life or a much better career. Alternatively, for countries hosting the pageant, they view it as a way to promoting their country, mostly in the tourism and convention industry.

In recent years, the feminist’s tone of voice is becoming so strong that, in some nations where pageants flourished and ruled the TV once, it became an afterthought. It’s no longer broadcasted on terrestrial television as it used to be and with the development of technology, needed to rely on live streaming just so the event will reach numerous audiences.

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Over the years, I’ve witnessed how beauty pageants helped jumpstart numerous professions of several pageant contestants. From a country’s perspective, take a look at Sanya in Hainan Island, China. Sanya was virtually unfamiliar to the world until it’s developing party in 2003 when Miss World was staged there for the first time. Because of this opportunity, Sanya’s profile was raised and ventures in tourism were made, which makes it one of the most tourist-friendly locations in China. These ventures led to increased employment, thus boosting the economy, which is thanks to investments, such as infrastructure, and as well as tourist spending in the populous city and its surrounding areas. With all of this information Even, it still brings us back again to the question, are pageants relevant still? EASILY am asked by you, my answer is a resounding yes.

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