6330 Lantana Rd, Lake Worth, FL 1

6330 Lantana Rd, Lake Worth, FL

I needed a few arbitrary things from T.J. Maxx therefore i decided to check out to the Lake Worth location. For those who like Home Goods as well, this location is connected with Home Goods. So, that is clearly a positive thing you can shop both stores in a single location. T.J. Maxx is a good store to buy random things or small part gifts to stock up. I liked their skincare area as well as airfare wall structure here. The make up choices were less at this location, plus perfume choices were minimal. I did so not get to be able to go check out the Home Goods part but TJ Maxx aspect was just okay.

Whatever I was looking for, I did so not find as of this location. However, it was nicely structured after I proceeded to go in the morning. The store hours are excellent since they open at 9:30AM every day except Sundays, which is 11AM. I won’t walk out my way to come to this location, but if I’m in the area I’ll still check it out.

My Mom loves coming to this location. So there you go. The T.J. Maxx side occasionally has the right finds, but this location doesn’t have men’s shoes in stock, only women from what I’ve seen. But it is nice to visit there and find much on a shirt and other apparel, a good knick knack, some apple potato chips, or kettle corn maybe. Maybe, even some BBQ sauce that you might douse some chicken nachos on if you’re drunk at 1am and decide this was the best purchase ever.

But I digress. Not my first choice, but definitely not my last. I’d rather come here than say Boynton Beach Mall. It’s about 10 minutes from where I live with a lot of parking available. It’s good in a bind. Oh, lord how this place just will take my money without regrets on It really is so easy to walk on and just become completely enamored. They have damn near all you could need for a genuine home and at such great prices.

I know I can find Just what I’d like and I understand I’ll think it is at an exceptionally reasonable price. Stop always becomes a couple hours shopping Quick! Good prices and they have everything! Perfect spot to buy someone a gift! Gets packed during holidays! 49.99 with zip-tie 3 bar stools.

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3 for corner dent; she recognized a great price. 59.99. Manager working Joanna informs me it was a blunder from an employee in her store not costed correctly from the warehouse. I inform her how is that my problem.49.99. Important things 2 calls to corporate got a call from an associate store manager finally, now awaiting a call from the store manager on vacation no call from region manager yet. Don’t buy anything thing from this store without first getting price check before you get on the series.

Because the Price marked will probably not be what is listed and become told sorry about that incorrect price. I’ve ever met my very existence for an interracial couple to be treated like this is intolerable. Redhead at the jewelry counter avoid if you are African-American/black she’ll not accept you.

Homegoods is one of the best stores. The Greenacres location is very organized and well kept. The aisles were free of clutter; Merchandise was easily identifiable on the cabinets & the costs can’t be beat! That is one of my fave locations – they always have a good amount of stock readily available and I find that I could get lost there all night between your home goods and clothing sides.