The Ambassador Approach Has Its Critics 1

The Ambassador Approach Has Its Critics

Consumer produced advertising continues to be making a hype- browse the latest. SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Remembers when citizen journalism was a book idea? Now, average people equipped with camcorders, notebooks, and mobile phones consistently cover everything from fires and overflow to violence on the roads of Myanmar. Combine this do-it-yourself movement with the idea that every thought and personal event are Facebook-worthy, and it makes sense that citizen marketing is the most recent form of consumer activism — one viewed by marketers as a potential holy grail.

980 million in 2006, according to PQ Media’s word-of-mouth marketing forecast. Ben Jackie and McConnell Huba in their publication, Creating Customer Evangelists. People, of course, have always acted as brand ambassadors by sharing recommendations with friends and associates. And for many years, marketers have built buzz with preview parties and product samplings, albeit aimed mostly at influential, celebrity often, customers. Now, however, these connections have become supercharged because of a new breed of brand ambassadorship programs that formalize the partnership between marketers and average consumers interested in their products. These programs “hire” consumers, via rewards and incentives, to do something as part PR realtors, part sales reps and part evangelists.

They blend the spontaneity of buzz building with technology to instigate, guide, and measure what repeat customers are saying to each other about their brands. Sony, Unilever, Microsoft, McDonald’s, and JetBlue, among others, are incorporating such programs to their marketing mixes. Individuals are selected based on their devotion to something and how big is their sociable circles.

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They are anticipated to tap into friends, family, resources, and groups through conversations, blogs, live events, and online cultural media. These programs, which also provide marketing materials, sometimes ask these consumers to drum up local press coverage and coordinate brand sponsorships of charity or community events. Their activities are measured by things such as online traffic, number of blogs, reader comments, and e-mail responses, and just how many people take part in real-world events. Often, these repetitions create their own branding gimmicks.

700 values of free electronics equipment to discount rates at local golf courses. Plus, they get insider access to company information, such as services or services in the ongoing works. To avoid charges of deception, ambassadors are advised by marketers to openly reveal that they are representatives. Also, ambassadors’ online discussions and activities tend to be branded. Ambassadors do not need to be 18 or over.

Unilever’s “LIVE GREEN and Small With All,” that used in-classroom journal and Web ads to recruit individuals, targeted elementary school kids with a contest kept in October and November that looked for the greenest quality school in the country. Its ambassadors were prompted to get their own families to make small, green changes at home (like using focused All detergent) and to spread branded, eco-friendly messages.