As you may have deduced, it’s the 30th wedding anniversary of Disney’s THE FANTASTIC Mouse Detective, that was released on July 2, 1986. The intriguing animated action-adventure details the exploits of the Sherlock Holmes-inspired mouse. Tricked away in deerstalker Inverness and hat cape, and brandishing a calabash pipe and magnifying glass, the violin-playing Basil is a super-sleuth mouse living under the famous smooth of Mr. Holmes at 221-B Baker Street.

The game is afoot! This, Disney’s 26th cartoon feature, showcased one of the initial uses of computer animation. For the film’s climax-in which Basil confronts his archenemy Ratigan in a duel arranged against the clockworks of London’s famed landmark, Big Ben-the filmmakers combined traditional hand-drawn artistry with the latest in technology.

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The Great Mouse Detective marked the directorial debut of the famous John Musker and Ron Clements. The flamboyantly evil Ratigan was voiced by acclaimed professional and longtime movie great Vincent Price. Vincent Price was not the only distinguished vocal performance. Barrie Ingham vocalized the name character. “I found Basil to be remarkably delicate,” said the Royal Shakespeare Company actor.

“He is terribly egocentric; but in the ultimate end, it is his awareness that helps prevent him from being bombastic and overbearing. Sherlock Holmes Himself Doesn’t Appear. It’s primary, my dear D23 Member: THE FANTASTIC Mouse Detective is rooted in the Sherlock Holmes mythos. Ron Clements, an avid fan of the initial Holmes stories compiled by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, sensed a special affinity for the Basil of Baker Street project. “I thought it might be nice to place something together with Sherlock Holmes and computer animation,” said Clements.

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