BUYING Minutes Bundle? 1

BUYING Minutes Bundle?

This review provides the specs and technical details, dislikes and likes, buying tips and overall review for the Tracfone Motorola EX-431G by TracfoneReviewer. Tracfone Wireless is a prepaid cell phone service agency that offers low cost cell phones and service throughout America. The Moto EX431G is a complete QWERTY keyboard phone from Tracfone for use on the nationwide prepaid service.

It can be used on GSM networks, mostly AT&T (We cover more on the GSM network further on). This is not a new phone and does not use a typical operating-system, but it does deliver on longevity, low priced, and easy to use. The Motorola EX431G comes with some great features that make it a great choice for texting and everyday use. This phone, as the name suggests, originates from the American cellular phone company, Motorola, that was recently acquired by Google. Important Note: It’s important to keep yourself updated that there are two options for the Moto EX431G, one with Double Minutes forever, and the other for Triple Minutes forever.

At this time around, you can only buy the Double version on the Tracfone website, however the Triple can be got by you Minutes Moto Ex lover431G on Amazon. Be sure you read the information regarding this phone when you go to buy it. Next we will get into our likes and dislikes for the phone.

The Moto EX431G is a durable telephone with some key features we really like about any of it including Triple Minutes for Life, QWERTY keyboard, and super-good deal. Triple Minutes is a great offer with Tracfone. It means that for every full minute you purchase and add to the phone, you get three. If you buy a 60-Minute card, you shall get 180 minutes total! Also keep in mind to employ a Promo Code for even more minutes.

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Remember that some variations of this mobile phone only include Double Minutes, so look carefully when buying this phone to be sure you get Triple Minutes. The QWERTY keyboard on the Moto EX431G is one of the best features about this phone probably. It creates for without headaches texting, although for those inexperienced with QWERTY keypads it may take some right time to modify to the small key size. If you tend to prefer larger keys, like the Alcatel Big Easy phone, this may not do the job then.

Finally, The price for the Moto EX431G is nearly unbeatable. This phone doesn’t have the most advanced features, but it can give great value. There are many things we don’t really like about the MotoGO and can point out them here to help offer you a better notion of what this mobile phone provides. We begin with the Mobile Web. This phone includes Mobile Web, that allows you to surf the web from the telephone. But it quickly does proceed through minutes and is hardly worth it.

Perhaps the most you should do is download new ringtones. Another problem with the Mobile Web on the Motorola Ex431G is that the top right button is a shortcut to open up Mobile Web from the home-screen. And each time you hit that button you are charged 0 accidentally,5 minutes.