Ulta Beauty Accused By Former Employee Of Reselling Used Makeup

A spokesperson for Ulta Beauty has responded to the claims made by the former employee. A former worker at Ulta Beauty is accusing the makeup company of reselling used products that have been returned by customers, People reports. Twitter user @fatinamxo had taken to social press to call Ulta out for the alleged behavior.

January 9, adding that her store would resell “everything,” including makeup, haircare, epidermis products, and perfume. Her Twitter thread included photos of the alleged repackaged products, and she explained that employees were instructed to “clean” products with q-tips. The storyline thickened when other Ulta employees contacted with tales of their own @fantinamxo. Another person explained an occurrence in which a blowdryer was useful to make an eyebrow pomade look unused allegedly. At the final end of her thread, @fantinamxo posted a message to all beauty lovers: “This should be considered a warning,” she said. Ulta Beauty has been giving an answer to the statements on Twitter.

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