A Blog About Learning Workday HCM 1

A Blog About Learning Workday HCM

I had put some thoughts together when I was first taking the Workday training courses, and hear here. I’ve since taken a few more courses and am now sending my staff to the HCM Fundamentals course that I took, so a good time for a glance back. This is an ‘online only’ courses, such as a few of Workday’s offerings which are not offered in a classroom setting.

As always, you will get additional information about Workday programs here. It’s 10 hours spread over two times, every day so five hours. It explains everything about setting up Workday user security: configuration, security groups, domains, business process security, etc. The plan was full and the course held moving. Sidenote: the format/structure for online programs appears to be the same. Day On the course, you can log in via the computer for both the online voice plus course, or you can get on view the demonstration and dial in separately to the call via the phone. I’d say 90-95% of individuals used the personal computer for audio. Overall, there were 20 or 22 people attending normally around.

The framework of the online courses is similar to the class training, the trainer walks through a power point, points out the concepts, and then you get to sort out the exercises in the manual in your tenant. ‘s online, it’s still a full schedule, similar from what you’d get in a class environment. The pricing structure displays this as well: it’s the same 600 USD per unit, whether it’s online or in-person.

Sidenote: I pointed out that when I had taken the course in October 2012, it was 8 hours total, they’ve since increased it to 10 hours, so others found it to be too quick perhaps. On day 1 30 min beyond the finish of the class, in case you have questions. Of day 1 of ‘meet, and greet’ 30 min at the start, much like if you were in a class session.

With 20 people saying what their role is, it began to drag a big. Not having the facial skin to handle contact perhaps is definitely an impediment to ‘reading’ if people really understand things. In this program, the instructor in addition strolled through the exercise before you were unleashed to do the exercise. As an intermittent instructor myself, I found that a little odd, to be shown the concepts, a good example, and the real exercise itself then, it was done by her.

We then replicated the same exercise. So in the back of my mind, I wonder if it’s too difficult, the exercises ‘as is’ to maintain an online course, as the HCM course I had taken didn’t follow this heavy hand-holding. Considering it’s an internet course, I would expect a more versatility in the offer times little, but once again, it’s 9 AM California time or 9 AM New York time, and on a Thurs/Fri than other days rather. For those of us in places around the world, that begins to get old very fast.

  1. People Skills (Interpersonal Skills)
  2. Generate sales
  3. Bachelor degree in business
  4. Business class maximum stay : 6 Months
  5. Honey Processing
  6. Custard Powder Production
  7. Revenue Distribution
  8. Items available to the open public

My security class experienced a 5 PM start in the UK, day and then got online for another few hours of intense training so I worked a full. Going for a short look today (Apr 25, 2013), Workday offers three security sessions in the coming weeks, in June two in-many and one.

All three of these are on Pacific time, 9 AM-2 PM, although at least on a Tues/Wed or Mon/Tues. If you are a US-based company, with only US customers, then that is properly fine. Overall though, I’d say the security class was good quite. I’m uncertain if you’d need to send your entire team there, or rather, send one person who’ll bring the manual back. When you have that plus the usage of a test tenant, you can start to play around with security to understand how it operates, while reviewing the manual.

Kirk’s instructions were rather vague. Explore new worlds. Seek out new life and new civilizations. Within that, I assume, he was rather free to adapt to the situations he and his crew found himself in. If you think about it, that makes sense. Adaptability is vital when there’s no clear road signs or procedures. For innovators in businesses where there is no existing process, learn to adapt.