New York SBDC Research Network: 10/01/2019 1

New York SBDC Research Network: 10/01/2019

WASHINGTON – The U.S. 2.59 billion and an 85 percent increase over 2010, also a record year. “Over the past three years SBA has transformed the SBIC program to ensure small businesses have greater usage of SBIC funds,” said SBA Administrator Karen Mills. “These record-setting quantities are proof our initiatives to streamline and simplify the procedure have managed to get possible to get capital into the hands of small businesses quicker.

High-growth small businesses continue steadily to face complications in accessing patient, long-term capital to grow and create careers. 63 billion in more than 110,000 small businesses in America. The FY 2012 volume is the best single-year quantity in the 54-yr background of SBA’s SBIC debenture program. Increased quantity in the program is due in part to lots of improvements that added to an elevated variety of new SBIC licenses and reduced license control times.

The SBIC program was created in 1958 to stimulate the growth of America’s small businesses by supplementing the long-term debt and private-equity capital available to them. 840 million in FY 2011, the previous high. The common debenture SBIC has raised more than twice the private capital than the common debenture account of about ten years ago.

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• More Licensed Debenture SBICs and Faster Processing Times: Thirty new debentures and unleveraged SBIC licenses were releasing in FY 2012, exceeding last year’s total of 22 by 36 percent. SBICs are privately-owned and managed investment companies that are certified and regulated by the SBA. SBICs use a combination of funds raised from private sources and money raised by using SBA guarantees to make equity and mezzanine capital investments in small businesses.

18 billion in capital under management. 1 billion in leveraged commitments each for impact ventures and early stage ventures. These commitments are available to SBICs targeting early-stage firms or businesses situated in targeted financial areas or industries. To date, SBA has licensed two impact SBIC funds under its Impact Initiative, while another five have an impact focus in their investment strategies.

SBA also has issued a demand Early Stage SBICs under the Early Stage SBIC Initiative and has released “green light” characters to six potential candidates. The web site offers much useful information including segments for: SBIC Applicants, SBIC Licensees, Private Partners & LPs, and Business owners & Small Business Owners. The website includes useful SBIC forms, up-to-date reports, and news.

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