Dictionary Of Occupational Titles–Selected DOT Descriptions For U.S. Business Immigration Applications

Dictionary of Occupational Titles–Selected DOT Descriptions for U.S. This page contains chosen full-text job descriptions from the U.S. Department of Labor Dictionary of Occupational Titles. Inclusion here will not imply the work is on the TN list necessarily. It does not mean that the work qualifies for just about any other visa. Client support for clients of regulations Office of Joseph C. Grasmick.

We will request you to compare these descriptions with your task description, in order to collect the info essential to draft your applications. Ways to confirm the selection of immigration permit. Many permits—such as the TN and the H-1— are linked to specific professions. The L-1 depends on qualifying in a management job. Utilize this page—together with the visa selector—to determine which permit best matches your potential Canadian employee. An internal guide source for lawyers inside our office. We will add DOT descriptions each right time we are maintained by an online client with a new job description. Alternate titles: personal computers engineer; information processing engineer; methods analyst, data processing.

Alternate titles: systems analyst. Analyzes business or operating procedures to devise most effective methods of accomplishing work: Plans study of work problems and techniques, such as organizational change, marketing communications, information flow, built-in production methods, inventory control, or cost analysis. Gathers and organizes information on problem or techniques including present operating procedures. Analyzes data gathered, develops information and considers available solutions or alternate ways of proceeding.

Organizes and documents findings of studies and prepares recommendations for implementation of new systems, techniques or organizational changes. Confers with personnel concerned to assure soft functioning of executed systems or method recently. May install new systems and train personnel in application. May carry out operational efficiency reviews to ensure useful or project systems are applied and working as designed.

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May develop or revise functional or operational manuals outlining set up methods of carrying out work in accordance with organizational policy. Alternate titles: applications programmer-analyst. Alternate titles: supervisor, product development; manager, development and research; manufacturing engineer, chief manager. Publications alternate game titles: manager, scientific and technical publications; supervisor, publications. A term put on engineering personnel engaged in research, planning, and development of trip systems and aerovehicles for use in terrestrial atmosphere and space. Includes engineering work on aerovehicles, missiles, rockets, space systems development and research, and ensure that you evaluation functions. Classifications are made according to specialization as AERONAUTICAL ENGINEER (aircraft mfg.); ELECTRICAL ENGINEER (profess. MECHANICAL ENGINEER (profess. & kin.).

Alternate game titles: optical developer. Designs artwork and copy designs for materials to be shown by visual communications mass media such as books, magazines, newspapers, television, and product packaging: Studies illustrations and photos to plan display of materials, product, or service. Determines arrangement and size of illustrative materials and duplicate, selects size and design of type, and arranges design based upon available space, knowledge of layout principles, and esthetic design concepts. Draws sample of finished design and presents sample to ART DIRECTOR (profess. Reviews last design and suggests improvements as needed.

May prepare illustrations or tough sketches of materials relating to instructions of customer or supervisor. May prepare series of drawings to illustrate sequence and timing of story development for tv production. May mark up, paste, and assemble final layouts to prepare layouts for printer. May specialize in particular field, medium, or kind of layout.

May produce still and animated graphic types for on-air and taped servings of television news broadcasts, using electronic video equipment. May photograph layouts, using camera, to make design prints for customer or supervisor. May develop prints and negatives, using print and negative developing equipment, tools and work aids to produce layout photographs for client or supervisor.