I Was Hooked Officially! 1

I Was Hooked Officially!

Hi, I am Emette E. Massey, I am a direct response marketing specialist, copywriter, and business owner from the big town of Granite Falls, NC! I love direct response marketing and copywriting and have the fight scars to prove it! Actually, I’m a self professed direct response junkie! It was 1983, I’d done my time and Uncle Sam cut me loose from the united states Navy.

I needed a way to aid myself and earn some dough. Soon I noticed a small classified advertisement “Sell Novelties By Mail.” This sounded interesting, so I responded. Within times I received my start-up package and figured. What Could I Lose? So, like any red-blooded American filled with piss and vinegar I hung out my shingle as Mass-C Businesses and sold colored novelties (you understand those little ensemble statues you sit around the house). To my utter amazement, these things sold like hot cakes!

I wasn’t getting wealthy but this little mail order unit exclusively supported me comfortably for quite some time. I was officially hooked! I have long since shut down Mass-C Enterprises and years back re-invented myself as the ‘go-to’ guy for smart marketing advice. I wrote ad copy, mapped out marketing plans, and helped local small businesses put ‘mail order’ concepts to work in their businesses.

  • A few people are motivated and begin talking you up
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  • Provide training and education for you as well as your employees,
  • Study the published papers to develop the most relevant title
  • SFCC Certified Developer or SFCC Certified Architect accreditations are a plus
  • Adapting to last-minute changes
  • 4 Things YOU HAVE TO KNOW About Business Email Closings and Sign-Offs
  • Describing how security will be preserved regarding private keys and explaining threat of loss

And thanks to my many mentors and instructors like Jay Abraham, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, and Clayton Makepeace it’s been an enormous success! These full days, I am still doing much of the same but also help businesses tap into and tweak sociable media and automatic marketing systems. However, the primary idea is always the same.

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