They Plough Their Money Into DGC?

Which got me taking into consideration the whole charade again. So when it comes to John Paulson and Marcelo Kim, the problem isn’t that DGC’s management are typical mining mediocrity. The nagging problem is that John Paulson and Marcelo Kim are abysmal mining stock investors. They plough their money into DGC? Fine, live with it, bad call. Even worse, not only do they still own everything that but they go around keeping it up for example of their investment model and prowess!

People, ITH at Livengood isn’t just a dog, it’s a howling Saint Bernard Great Dane mongrel. PFS tells you that it could take 22.year mine life for capital payback 1 years of its 23! Marcelo Kim as chair. 2Bn operating mine and additional destroy its value with the same mindset. You should find a better alternative for DGC than the auto-pilot stuffed suits now running the thing, however, not one led by a pisspoor gold stock picker and his mini-me along for the ride. Two wrongs do not make a right.

5.2m in 2Q 2017. An interim dividend of 13.46c was declared, against 13.12c a 12 months back. The mixed group declared a 2Q interim dividend of 0.75c/share, from 0 up. a year ago 68c/share. Also, on August 21, 2018, iFast announced that it had appointed PwC Corporate Finance as the lead financial advisor with regards to a potential capital injection for his or her Greater China business.

Keppel DC REIT – The REIT announced, on August 7, 2018, that it will be expanding its footprint in Sydney, Australia with a fresh shell and core data centre. 36m (final costs yet to be determined) and will be backed by a 20-year triple-net master lease when completed. FLT had a slew of announcements in August 2018, that i shall make an effort to summarize.

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36.7% premium to reserve value. This is one of the tiniest and oldest resources within the portfolio, representing just 0.2% of the full total portfolio value. The divestment therefore allows FLT to recycle capital as this asset has limited future income growth potential. 62.6 million. The common property age group is 1.0 years with WALE of 5.7 years, and these acquisitions will be financed from the proceeds of the sale of both properties 80 Hartley Street and Lot 102 Coghlan Road. The first general observation is that after I stopped blogging, the has actually exploded numerous new entrants blogosphere. Some bloggers that are starting out, while other veterans have continued blogging.

This has certainly extended the investment blog universe and given visitors a plethora of choices in order to improve their knowledge on companies, sectors, trends and markets. Obviously, I cannot expect everyone to be an investor, significantly less a value investor; but most of the “investment” blogs should probably be named “trading” blogs.

Apparently, recording “maximum upside” with frequent trades appear to become more the fashion than owning a stable, consistent stock portfolio of companies which develop as time passes and which contribute a steady blast of dividends to the individual investor. I want to put it this real way – there’s always some type of bad news in this world. The job of the media is to highlight the bad news and also to accentuate it as much as possible in order to sell subscriptions and attract eyeballs.