📋 What Should Our MVP Have?

🤓 What’s Codetalks? As programmers, we know how important it is usually to be current in terms of programming languages, frameworks, methodologies and tools in general. We must be in continuous learning always. One of the better ways to remain up-to-date is by attending technology conferences and events, but many of these events are not in our city or we simply cannot attend.

❌ There are many interesting events and talks round the world every week and it’s hard to keep yourself updated that they exist. ❌❌ Each event is on a different day and is published on different video and accounts systems which makes it very complicated to monitor the events that interest us.

Each video is grouped by tags and event so that it is extremely easy to find meetings, watch lectures and keep learning. 📋 What should our MVP have? For the design, it needed to be intuitive and simple. It didn’t seem sensible to generate anything new and extravagant and that’s why we chosen a design similar compared to that of Youtube, so that anyone can feel acquainted with it. And it’s time to code! Among the interesting reasons for having a side-project is that you can afford to test and try new things away, so, we didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

Here is a short overview of the technology stack we used, both for the backend and for the frontend. If you discover it interesting, we shall distribute more articles explaining part of the development process in greater detail. Apollo: The perfect partner for GraphQL. Your client was created to help you create a UI that fetches data with GraphQL quickly. Styled-Components: An extremely popular CSS-in-JS styling library that uses tagged template literals in JavaScript and the awesome power of CSS to give a platform which allows one to write actual CSS code to create your components.

Plyr: This collection is gold. It allows us to embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo, and customize them completely: Put our logo, remove the control keys from the original platform … etc.. Formik: To produce forms in a simple way (Everybody hates forms, right?). It is very useful used in combination with Yup collectively, an insight validation collection.

Color: This is another simple library to perform small procedures with colors. Sentry: This is the tool we use to get errors that take place both in frontend and backend. In this way we can get rid of the small bugs that arise. Cyfe: we use Cyfe to have in a single place information from different parts of the platform.

For example, a panel is got by us for Analytics, and another to start to see the variety of users and videos we’ve on the platform. We can continue to add data and internal information from the platform to have it all in a single place. Typeform: we use Typeform to get opinions from users since it is a straightforward and quick way to put into action it and have it integrated with Slack to get information instantly.

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  5. You can also use a second terminal app to monitor the live improvement of the ‘dd’ program
  6. Only remove components from the ESD packaging when needed
  7. Optimize the number and order of screens to reach each goal

The truth is that if we are removed from the specialized or product part we will feel like a fish out of drinking water, one could say that marketing is not our strong point. That’s why, to determine our release strategy, we simply asked ourselves a question: Where are our potential users? Hacker News: We only got 4 points.

Reddit: We delivered it to the subreddit r/development. It wasn’t published either. At this point, and after a really horrible initial release, we pondered if Codetalks made sense actually, are we resolving a problem and bringing something to the community really? Blogs for devs: We have appeared in a number of important weblogs in the sector, which has brought us very qualified traffic. Devs Newsletters: We have been quoted in a number of newsletters, many of them with tens or thousands of subscribers. Despite devoid of had a magnificent launch, we’ve seen during the last month how traffic has been increasing day after day continuously. In addition, we have a few cool ideas for version 2.0, and….